YogiGirlYogiGuy® launched with a Vision to help Humanity by Creating Apparel & Accessories for all People, that reflects a sense of Inner & Outer Peace & to assist future generations to connect their mind, body & soul. While traveling extensively around the World, they saw a need to help Humanity Connect their Hearts & Minds through their Art, Apparel & Accessories.

As one connects to the design, be it a t-shirt, hand made custom Jewelry, scarf or a painting, a beautiful connection to the inner self-the spirit soul is awakened with in. The collection is Yogic Urban chic mixed with a California chill vibe, yet it is worn by people all over the world. Fabric, fit, & Illustrations are an integral part of the design process.  YGYG fits every aspect of your life, from a Great Workout, to Meditation, Shopping & or Lounging in! Yes, We have been told that our garments are that comfy & functional! Our founders believe that Yogi Girl Yogi Guy® designs have the power to evoke the inner Yogini & Yogi within. By wearing or using these goods, One instinctually feels a sense of inner Peace. Yes, they are that FAB! Feeling good about yourself from the inside out is what it’s all about! The shape of the circle logo is a symbolic reminder of our inner state of consciousness, a path to the self, which by birth is inherently peaceful.

Ignite the spark of Consciousness within Yourself & Raise Your Vibration in the Universe!  Embellish your life with Yogi Girl Yogi Guy.®  Look for the Apparel & Accessories that not only Empowers You, makes you feel Beautiful, Strong & but also Connects You to your Inner Self. YGYG goes with all Your Material & Spiritual needs!

Thank You for taking time out to meet with Us & Remember its never too late to Find Your Om™ with YGYG!