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You are LOVED,You are LIGHT & You are B U ti FULL!! 

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Remember to be kind tribe, even to those you don’t know. The Season is upon Us & while it can be Wonderful for Some & it can be Very hard for others. As We gathered donations for the Woosley Fire Victims at YGYG Headquarters LA, We all agreed that the Holidays are a time to have even more compassion, understanding & Love to all beings. So hold a door open for a stranger, smile & look someone in the eyes, have a conversation & why not even give a HUG! God knows We all need human touch & kindness. Happy Holidays & remember to find your Om® with Us, you’ll be glad you did! 

“I have been suffering from intermittent bouts of vertigo & dizziness for the past two months. Various treatments had no effect.  Since receiving my Healing Henna Treatment I have not experienced any vertigo or dizziness. Even tilting my head back, which usually brings about an episode, has disappeared in less than 24 hrs. I am so grateful to Rukmini for this healing & highly recommend making a personal appointment with her! Please don’t wait until you are in pain, take preventive care of Your Body Temple! You will LOVE her & Experience an amazing shift!”

In gratitude, Cynthia

“Vibrations of Positivity,LOVE,Healing Energy are always emanating from her work, be it a Painting, piece of Jewelry , or Apparel I own! I Love it all!!! ThankYOU & can’t wait to see your new “One of a Kind Pool Side Summer Collection Dresses from Krishtiani for YGYG! Thank you for it all, My new Glow in the dark LOVE Painting hangs in my family room!!”

Sincerely, Mrs.Karyn Bloomberg

Angel Testimonial*

Mar 19, 2017



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