Ajna~Third Eye Chakra*Awareness

We’re cOming together Tribe*


Sisterhood Goddess Empowerment Workshops~Gatherings/Private Appointments/Healing

find your Om® with Our Founder & YGYG~Consciously Connected Clothing, Accessories ~With a focus on  Beauty, Inner & Outer Health, Goddess Empowering Workshops, Private Healing Henna Appointments & Henna Blessing Gatherings, Kids parties & More! We are here to serve & guide you! Yes, YOU SPECIAL JIVA (Soul)!! Our Founder has been Empowering Women of all ages from 7 rs old to 90 years young for over 25 yrs! She provides a safe ,Loving space to Heal in ! Everyone has that moment when enough is enough! So Namaste & Welcome to your inner Voice of  LOVE & LIGHT, not judgement! Supporting each other in Our lives is what it’s all about!  We have an internal voice that guides Us, but when it is turned off, We disconnect from each other & the World We live in, therefore envy,anger, lust,hate, jealousy all come up! So why not begin your Inner Healing today, We all need it! You can book a Private session or a Group Gathering, Simply Fill Out the contact form in the About section to request your time (a minimum of 2 hours), date of your convenient choice & We will get back to you asap. You will also receive updated info, shopping pass packages etc. Yup, You are that SPECIAL!!! As a courtesy , We do not share emails…& We look forward to helping you connect your Mind,Body,Heart & Soul & Get YOU on YOUR Path of LOVE & LIGHT!!!! Aum Shanti Aum…YOU are a PERFECT SOUL!!!

MY OM TRIBE*The MOMENT is NOW!*We are HERE*TOGETHER! LOVE MAMA EARTH & The Living Entities in it! 

Namaste *Like Minded Spirit Souls~Do Join Our GLOBAL PEACE MOVEMENT!   

 YGYG Sacred APPAREL, ACCESSORIES, ART & Global Meditation~Kirtan~& a whole lot more!

It’s time for the NEW paradigm SHIFT & it’s HAPPENING & You play an integral part in it!!!

SHINE Brightly With Us Fellow Bright Light Beamin’ Rainbow,Unicorn LOVIN* Peeps!



Simply fill out the contact form & send & YOU will be notified of all Events Locally & Globally: Please note: *We do Not share email info.