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“My Aum Painting from Rukmini is absolutely beautiful.  It is my center of PEACE  & proudly hangs in my Home.It helps me remember the greater good – that there is a spiritual presence on this earth keeping me safe. When I look at it, I feel at ease and safe. And knowing that the artist (and founder!), Rukmini, made it with conscious spiritual intentions only intensifies the power of this beautiful piece of art (PEACE of art). It is simply perfect in every way.”

Laura Z


Another Testimonial* 

Rukmini is a Super Force of Nature!!!

Her henna designs are not only beautiful but a very powerful healing!

After receiving Henna treatment from her I saw beautiful angels

(Here is one I captured on camera!!!)


felt much much lighter!

This was my first Henna treatment and I am excited to purchase her jewelry, clothing and Art!!!

To combine spirituality and merchandise is yet another beautiful way to increase your vibration with the Divine!!!

Any product from Rukmini is a gift from the Divine, sacred and cherished illuminating your inner Goddess!!!!! Blessed be!!

Julianne Kennedy