YogigirlYogiguy Launching A Global Inner/Outer Peace Movement to Consciously Connect Your Heart,Mind & Body! My Om Tribe~do Join Us!

Feb 25, 2019



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Let Us HEAL the Children Together

In a nut shell, Mindful Meditation, Sound Vibration, Positive Affirmations, just to name a few can help those with Concentration, Attention, Anxiety; Social Anxiety ,Stress, Depression, Addiction disorders…..the list goes on & on.  Especially in present Society where Childrens Mental Health Issues with Depression, Anxiety, ADHD, Behavior problems & Mental disorders are at an all time high.

We want to help & will begin by bringing & teaching them the gentle practice of Heart, Mind, Body Connection, through Art, Breath work & Sound Vibration in School Programs/Ciriculums.  Join Our mailing list to help stay connected to this program launching in 2019. It’s Time! Thanking You in advance for joining this Powerful Movement!