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YogiGirl YogiGuy®

A Lifestyle brand.


YogiGirl YogiGuy® launched with a vision to help the Yogi(ni)s in this Universe by offering Apparel & Accessories that reflect a sense of inner peace & a Global Conscious Connection. As one connects to the design, fabric, fit & feel on our Clothing, Accessories or from Our Founders Sacred Devotional Paintings, a beautiful connection to the inner self, the spirit soul is automatically awakened within. The collection is Yogic Urban chic mixed with a California Athleisure vibe, yet it is worn by humans all over the world. Fabric, fit, & technology are an integral part of the design process. Our target market ranges from the ages of 18-89 yrs young, both male & female! YGYG fits every aspect of your life, from a Great Workout, to shopping , lounging in or a night out! Yes, our garments are that comfy! Our founders believe that Yogi Girl Yogi Guy® designs have the power to evoke the inner Yogini & Yogi within. By wearing or using these goods, One instinctually feels a sense of inner Peace. Yes, we are that FAB! Feeling good about yourself from the inside out is what it’s all about! The shape of the circle logo is a symbolic reminder of our inner state of consciousness , a path to the self, which by birth is inherently peaceful. Our Founders launched this Lifestyle brand with a vision to help towards future generations & for decades to come. While traveling extensively around the World, they saw a need to help Humanity Connect their Hearts & Minds through Apparel & Accessories. Rita is well known within the Entertainment & Fashion Worlds, not only as a Celebrity Body Painting Artist but also as a Designer, Painter & Healer! Her signature style is immediately recognizable to top celebrities, many of whom have already experienced her unique & up Healing Body Art, Paintings & Clothing Designs. Her work has been seen in Publications all over the world, including Apparel News, Allure, Best Buy Ads, In Style, Jet, Movieline, Petra, People, Self Defense Magazine, Swarovski Los Angeles/Europe, Teen, US Weekly, WWD, Vogue just to name a few. Her work is also familiar to television audiences from shows like NBC’s movie of the week “The Princess and The Marine.”She has a B/A  Degree in Graphic Design & a Masters in Fine Art/Teaching. Her natural born skills  led her to the Garment Industry.    She has been in the Fashion Industry for over 21 years from her early years as an Art Director/Textile Designer  for well- known Designer  Carole Little  and Cherokee Children’s Wear  to her current work with photographers such as David La Chapelle,  Nicola M., Steven Khan, Tony Ward television producers Preston Fischer & Ken Courday NBC Producer/Owner Days of Our Lives. After working as an Art Director in the Textile industry, she was represented by Fred Segal Beauty Agency Beverly Hills as a Body Painting  & Make up Artist. She has high profile Celebrity clients show casing her Apparel, Body Art & are proud Owners of her Paintings that assist them in finding their Om in their daily lives. Business Mogul Russell Simmons is just one of her current clients. Our New High Tech Athleisure line debuting soon.Athleisure today is what denim was in the 80’s , that’s for sure! Giving back is essential in todays world, so when you buy the collectors special*tee or a limited edition item from the YGYG collection, a portion the proceeds goes to a charity that helps  children around the World.

Look for our Kickstarter campaign: YogigirlYogiguy/find your Om® in the month of JUNE & PLEASE JOIN Us in helping the future generations find their Om.
YGYG Peace Ambassadors sent to Yoga Studios all over the World to teach/educate/ weekly as well as Art Therapy classes & workshops help teach mindfulness & consciousness to the future generations.
Why not make the World a better place by showing the children simply that by changing their thoughts & consciousness, & with a lil mindfulness Yoga practice they can feel the effects & put it into practice in their daily lives! We must teach & help develop these young children’s minds & make an investment towards their future Health~this is our responsibility together Globally.

Ignite the spark of consciousness within yourself & raise your vibration in the Universe!

Embellish your life with YogiGirl YogiGuy.® Consciously Connected Clothing & Accessories!

Look for the Clothing & Accessories that Ompowers you, makes you feel Beautiful , Strong & Connects you to your inner self.

Become a YGYG Global Peace Ambassador by joining Us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Remember, it’s never too late, to find your Om® with YGYG Apparel & Accessories!